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Commodity Futures and Stock speculation is not without risk, please note that no method of trading is foolproof or without difficulty. By Law we are obliged to tell you "past performance is no guarantee to future performance".

All the ideas, methodologies and technical approaches presented on this site are for educational purposes only. As you should already know all markets are made up of buyers and sellers. The two sides to the market provide continual opportunity as the futures markets allow the speculator to trade for profits whether the market trend is going up or down. Gone are the days where you just buy and hold for a profit. Futures markets allow you to sell high prices (without owning anything) and buy back later at lower prices for a profit. To maximize your opportunities for profit in all market conditions you have to learn to be both a seller and a buyer when the market conditions dictate. This is the perfect environment for a true trader as the futures markets are going up and down all the time, trading them is basically a recession proof business as there is always an opportunity one way or the other. Bryce Gilmore and/or his assigns make no guarantee, that even with the best advice available you will become a successful trader. Some will and others won't - but the road to success lies within the hands of each individual. My best advice is, if you study the material presented, work with my approaches and maintain a strict discipline you will give yourself the best chance of success.

Warning - Clearly understand this:
Information contained in this site, the products available from it, are not an invitation to trade. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. You can lose that money - That has to be your own decision. My advice is do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

"The only thing easier than making money trading - is losing it." - Bryce Gilmore 1/6/99

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This communication has not been prepared by taking into account the financial circumstances and investment needs of any particular investor; and investors using this site or any product sold through this site as advice should therefore assess whether it is really suitable to their own circumstances and investment plans; and before acting on any educational investment advice contained in this site or products available through Bryce Gilmore & Associates Pty Ltd, you should contact your own licensed investment adviser to consider whether the advice is appropriate in light of your particular investment needs. Technical education is a hypothetical study of markets and because it may have worked in the past there is no guarantee it will work in the future. You must understand that trading approaches using technical analysis are a matter of probabilities, as is every avenue of speculation.

The author is not a Broker or registered Investment Adviser and therefore is not licensed to give trading advice of any sort or make specific trading recommendations. All charts and comments are offered for educational purposes and are the personal opinion of the author. The author's opinion is not meant to be construed as an invitation or solicitation to trade, for trading advice consult your broker or licensed investment advisor.

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