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Welcome to WaveTrader

Welcome to WaveTrader's help file. 

WaveTrader 3 is a purpose built tool for tracking market price movement in REAL TIME and alerting you to the MARKET GEOMETRY that influences traders decision (see Gann & Elliott). Many of the routines available can also be used to analyse the market course after the fact as well as before the fact. In real time the WT will automatically FLAG important situations to alert you as they come into a close range of importance. This is a professional traders tool designed by traders for traders.

WaveTrade ES Assistant 5 is the trading assistant we have specifically designed to assist ES traders to monitor all the inside influences that could help give you the additional EDGE. With the WT-ES you will be able to produce instant reports of all the other indices that influence the ES trading patterns. This knowledge is gold if you understand what you are dealing with.