WaveTrader III for eSignal

Released: 2009

Price: A$3,000.00

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WaveTrader III is a tool you cannot be without if you have an interest in trading short term futures markets moves. We have designed the WaveTrader III for the professional trader who appreciates the need to keep ahead of and on top of the unfolding real time ups and downs.

If you are new to futures trading you probably do not know that professional traders have several strict guidelines and practices that they follow each day. The big money traders act and react to price levels and patterns that repeat day in and day out.

WaveTrader III Features:

Automatic identification of:

  • X-ABCD Ratios
  • Fibonacci Ratios
  • Alternate Waves
  • Floor Traders' Pivot Levels
  • Balance Point Levels
  • Square of 9 Levels


  • Gann Procedures
  • Bryce Gilmore's prorietary Trend Wave Indicator
  • Test New D-Level Tool
  • Move X-ABCD Tool
  • Retrace Feature

How is WaveTrader III special?

WaveTrader III will track and highlight the unfolding geometric patterns traders deem important for market support and resistance.

WaveTrader III will automatically display all the progressive 1:1 signals in small, medium and larger degree including 38.2, 50 and 61.8 levels. These are the prime signals you cannot afford to miss if you wish to succeed as a trader. WaveTrader III will display Floor Trader Pivot levels, 2 and 3 day chart highs and lows and balance points, opening price, gap levels and Globex highs and lows on an RTH chart. The Trend Wave feature will alert you to changes in trend as the day progresses.

This latest version of WaveTrader III is a new suit of clothes for your eSignal Advanced Charts and will always keep you way ahead of the market. As the new day unfolds, WaveTrader III will keep track of everything you need to know from the daily and intraday patterns. You can prepare yourself for the day ahead in minutes, instead of spending hours, and then you can have everything important displayed on your charts in preparation to trade. All it takes to implement the WaveTrader studies is a click of your mouse.

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Note: You will need to have a current subscription to the eSignal Advanced Charting package to run the Wavetrader software. WaveTrader runs as a 3rd party addition within the eSignal environment.

Please read our supply conditions before purchasing this product.