WaveTrader ES Assistant V for eSignal

Released: 2009

Price: A$3,000.00

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  • The dashboard panel updates in real time while the charts allow you to do more refined analysis on the tickers
  • OEX participation index (calculates % directional movement attibuted to OEX stocks)
  • Color coded gauges to track the Gann swing condition of the 5 minute bars for the OEX, SPX and ES RTH.
  • Select 9, 6 or 3 bar or set your own choices for Fast / Medium or Slow
  • Color coded direction boxes for ES TREND WAVE INDICATORS TW(F) fast, TW(M) medium, TW(S) slow
  • ES/SPX Premium Indicator with Arbitrage BUY/SELL Alerts
  • Volume Spike alerts
  • COMBO OEX-SPX charts 5 and 15 minutes with OEX PPT performance
  • Combo ES STC (Stochastics in 6 time frames
  • Plus continuous data steaming High Low Last or Range - Pts change or % change

To be fully prepared for the trading day you have to go through the basics to determine the chart levels SUPPORT & RESISTANCE that will represent market strength or weakness so you can always know how to trade in the right direction.

Levels are critical to your trading plan as each day progresses. AND they could change as the day goes on.

The WT-ES is the trading assistant we have specifically designed to assist ES traders to monitor all the inside influences that could help give you the additional EDGE.

With the WT-ES you will be able to produce instant reports of all the other indices that influence the ES trading patterns. This knowledge is gold if you understand what you are dealing with.

This is the ES (eMini) traders unfair advantage we have developed over the past 5 years. It comprises a DASHBOARD PANEL you load into your sSignal Advanced Chart which runs in your indicators window. Pattern, Trend and Geometry in the indices effect the flow of trading in the eMini. From the dashboard window you can display up to the minute chart displays of 6 intraday time frames and the daily chart for the OEX, SPX and the ES continuous futures in Day RTH and Globex. All it takes is a mouse click to change each ASSISTANT display instantly without having to alter your eSignal setup.

The benefit to users is it allows you to quickly peruse the PATTERNS and GEOMETRIC RELATIONSHIPS formed within the CASH INDICES - OEX, SPX and compare price action with the ES signals for possible REVERSAL signs.

A reversal in the ES will be more likely if the OEX and/or the SPX have similar reversal patterns forming at the same time as the ES.

In fact at certain times a STRONG REVERSAL PATTERN in the OEX can often override the ES as the OEX is the top 100 stocks in the S&P and its weighting is 65% of the total S&P500 stocks.

One other advantage with the OEX vs SPX performance is that you can see if the OEX is leading or lagging advances or declines as the ES futures market moves along. If the OEX is lagging on an up movement it implies stock weakness, if it is lagging on a down move it implies underlying market strength. When the OEX is generating more than 65% PPT of the overall SPX movement it implies a strong underlying market.

THE BASIC MECHANICS of the WT-ES ASSISTANT: WT-ES will provide you with a mechanism from ONE SCREEN to monitor the OEX, SPX, ES day session or ES Globex in 7 individual time frames such as 1 minute, 3 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute and daily when required. The WT-ES ASSISTANT is installed below an eSignal Advanced chart and by clicking on the buttons it will display individual CHART GEOMETRY & TREND reports which can be user controlled in an instant. It basically reduces the need for 28 extra screens into 1 screen. The system is perfect for operators using a laptop with an additional screen.

REPORTS HAVE MENU DRIVEN ROUTINES for all CHART time frames, the WT-ES tools allow you to draw in potential support or resistance levels for individual time frames, these will act as a memo board for you and can be viewed in seconds just by the click of a mouse. We have all of our PRICE ACTION Routines programmed into the WT-ES ASSISTANT, so there is no need to reload chart after chart in the eSignal as all the data required is stored in your data manager when you have WT-ES ASSISTANT running.

The WT-ES Assistant gives you instant access to 7 charts each of varying time frames for OEX, SPX and ES futures. Intraday times frames can be set to users own preference.

To be without this tool trading ES futures is a huge mistake. Clearly it will pay for itself over and over again.

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Note: You will need to have a current subscription to the eSignal Advanced Charting package to run the Wavetrader software. WaveTrader runs as a 3rd party addition within the eSignal environment.

Please read our supply conditions before purchasing this product.