All of our publications follow the same theme and approach for more than 20 years. The only thing that has changed over the years is the availability of precise market information and of course the cost of trading. The principles of trade selection have never changed - they can be used short term, medium term and longer term.

Market geometry, pattern and trend observations are the leading indications one need to follow to make a success of trading.

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Price Action Manual 2nd Edition (e-Book 2007) by Bryce T. Gilmore

Price: A$250

Our latest publication Price Action Manual is the place to start. It is a complete summary on how to trade our methodology intraday. It summarizes a complete trading approach and our WaveTrader Software Suite was designed as a support mechanism to make the methodology much easier to follow and implement in real time.

Trading to Win 2nd Edition (e-Book 2004) by Bryce T. Gilmore

Price: A$200

In 2002, we released our 1st edition of Trading to Win as a summary of everything that had gone before. This book is now into its 2nd edition, but it is one of our best publications and is highly recommended. Our students often refer to this book as "the bible".

The Price Action Chronicles Volumes 1 & 2 (e-Book 2007/2008) by Bryce T. Gilmore

Price: A$105

These chronicles will be excellent follow up material for students of our Price Action Manual as the S&P market traversed three major swings in a volatile trading range of over 300 points throughout the subject period.

Dynamic Time and Price Manual (e-Book 1998) by Bryce T. Gilmore

Price: A$125

In 1998 we released our new book at the time, Dynamic Time and Price Manual, which detailed everything we had learnt up to that time. The amazing repetitions of time geometry and price geometry we were seeing at market reversals of trend.

Trading with an EDGE (e-Book 2000) by Bryce T. Gilmore

Price: A$125

Trading with an EDGE was released in 2000 as an introduction to day trading as now the market was moving a lot faster and commissions were cheaper, day trading for everyone had become a feasible occupation.

Geometry of Markets Volumes 1 & 2 (e-Book 1989/1993) by Bryce T. Gilmore

Price: A$55

We first began publishing trading books in 1986 with the release of Geometry of Markets - an exposé on the methodologies followed by the Gann and Elliott Wave fraternity.

In 1992 we released Geometry of Markets II - a more definitive approach to end-of-day trading which was the norm back in those days.