Supply Conditions

All sales are final upon the delivery, in good condition, of the above mentioned products, all sales represent a transfer of intellectual property from the author to the purchaser. Any products damaged in transit will be replaced by Bryce Gilmore & Associates Pty Ltd.

In no event will Bryce Gilmore or his assigns be liable for direct, indirect or consequential damages that may occur through the use or misuse of these products. All products are for educational purposes only.

Software is issued on the basis that you receive a non-transferrable licence to use the product for your own personal use, this means you will have a user name for your eSignal account only.  Transferring the program to another party does not give them any future entitlements as the intellectual content of the property is represented in the original price paid.

By ordering any product from this list you agree you have read the site disclosure and that we have not made an invitation for you to trade. For trading advice consult your broker.

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