These are just some of the testimonials Bryce has received from his students and associates in the past.

  • Aaron Uitenbroek, Iowa, USA
    I can't say enough about how much I've learned from your TTW book and how it keeps me sharp the more regularly I review it. Every trading day I see the critical points where I can initiate trades with a minimum amount of risk and put myself in a position to profit. Not every trade works out but the one's that do out number the one's that don't, and with your approach I can keep my individual losses very small so I don't lose much of the profit from my winners.

    The TTW room helps me with reading the mood of the day and the group either confirms or challenges my overall view/plan as the day is progressing. I enjoy the many examples that you and other members post to the room showing the things that are coming up and things to keep an eye on. I have also learned some finer things about how to better manage my winning trades which has made a big difference in my profitability. I must say that the room has taken me to another level in my trading above what I think I could have achieved on my own just from studying the TTW manual and applying it to my best ability.

    You are a great coach and mentor and your teaching by example has really solidified in my mind how to apply your methods effectively.

    Thanks for everything,

  • Tom Demong, Canada
    Want to trade successfully? Just choose the good setups and avoid the bad ones. Poor trade selection takes a heavy toll as it bleeds your confidence and your wallet/account. You face many crossroads during each market day. Without a system of discipline/rules for your decision-making, impulse and emotion will undermine skills as you chase the wrong trades at the worst times.

    Many short-term players view trading as a form of gambling. Without planning or discipline, they throw money at the market. The occasional big score reinforces this easy money attitude but sets up for ultimate failure. Without defensive rules, knowledgeable traders easily feed off these losers and send them off to other hobbies.

    Pattern Reading/Technical Analysis teaches traders to execute positions based on patterns, price, numbers, time, volume, etc. This discipline forces traders to distance themselves from reckless gambling behavior. Through detached execution and solid risk management, short-term trading finally "works".

    Markets echo similar patterns over and over again. The science of trend allows you to build systematic rules to play/trade these repeating formations and avoid the chase.

  • Larry Pesavento (Independent Trader & Mentor), Arizona, USA
    During my forty years of trading I was fortunate to meet many market wizards and famous traders. My studies enabled me to amass a huge library of market related material.

    In 1988 I met Bryce Gilmore and in one hour I learned more from him than most of the books on my book shelf in total.

    Bryce truly made me a better trader from that first meeting and I've continued to learn from him over the years. The market technicians association should erect a statue in his honor!

  • Tom Hougaard (Chief Market Strategist - City Index Ltd, CNN/Bloomberg Commentator), London, UK
    Bryce Gilmore goes the extra mile. He really is one of the most giving human beings I have ever had the fortune of crossing paths with. As a student you are lucky if you find a teacher that will take a personal interest in you. Consider yourself lucky to have found this page: Bryce will guide you when you are lost, he will teach you when you are ready, he will entertain you when the market is doing nothing, he will scold you when you are lazy, he will swear at you when you are stupid. What more can you ask for in a teacher?

    His human qualities are only surpassed by his market acumen. This is a present day Jessie Livermore, teaching his disciples how it is done, by leading the way. Every day is a new day. Yesterday doesn't matter, and tomorrow is yet to come. Bryce will teach you if you want to be taught. He will make you successful if you want to be successful. He will take you under his wings, nurture you and produce what you came for in the first place: to trade successfully.

    Bryce has taught me so much more than about trading. He has taught me qualities that you will never find in any trading books, but qualities that you need to get where you want to be. Thank you. I am forever indebted to you, even when we don't agree.

  • Paul Chant, Brisbane, Australia
    Hi Bryce,
    Just finished reading your first draft of the new TTW Course One Day at at Time. It's as smooth as silk, honestly I can't find any mistakes or trouble spots, it flows really well , and everything is crystal clear. Showing plenty of charts is what really helps drive the messages home and is the aspect I really enjoyed about your first volume, so to with this edition. Going through a daily diary like you have done for a couple of weeks at a time is great, it really captures the essence of day trading and adds some real life to the book, which is another aspect I enjoyed from the original as well. The chapters on entry techniques, bread and butter setups, psychology, daily and weekly preps are superb, and are worth the cost of the book alone.

    You know, you said to me when we first met down the Gold Coast last year, that there is nothing else around like it and I believed you, and it is still true, that's the beauty of this course, it is totally unique and all the techniques work day-in-day-out, it really is incredible stuff and a real credit to you Bryce.

    One other thing when I first found out about you and your web site, I did not know anything about you or your trading tactics other than what I read on a chat site one day, someone mentioned "Bryce Gilmore had a new book (TTW) out, does anyone know much about it", "the cost was A$700.00 " was the question, one person replied and gave you a good wrap. Anyway when I heard the cost, I too thought no way am I going to pay that, so I went to your web site and read all there was, sat back and pondered over it for a couple days. Then I thought this bloke is charging A$700.00 for this book and he is an Aussie (the yanks tend to pad out and go on with waffle in their trading books), so I thought there has got to be something in this book for the money. You know it is the best trading decision of my life without a doubt. I either make it or break from here on in.

    Thanks very much for everything Bryce,


  • Yigit Balligil, Istanbul, Turkey
    Bryce's energy and his continuous efforts to educate us in this business have never ceased to amaze me. I really feel very, very lucky and I cannot thank Bryce enough, that is for sure.

    My first encounter with the stock market was in 1988 and it has been 16 years since my first trade. I have tried everything that came to my mind to gain an edge in the markets. I have tested and even developed many systems utilizing pattern analysis, statistical analysis, chaos theory, neural nets, planetary motions, high level mathematics, various charting methods, synergetic approaches, etc., until I came across with Bryce Gilmore's work. I was making money before I met him, but nevertheless I was not a consistent winner in the markets which makes a huge difference. Now I know that although there is nothing new under the sun, each moment in the market is unique. And the only way to deal with it is using the methods Bryce presents.

    Ever since I met him, we are in contact via the e-mail groups and he never stopped teaching us and helping us to become successful traders. Now that he has written this book in real-time, day by day as the market unfolds, the TTW course is not only precious with the methods taught, but also invaluable as you can see how one of the top traders in the world think and approach the market when new information arrives. As to my knowledge - believe me I know many approaches, read many books and spent a lot of money to find the right thing - this is the ultimate book that will be helpful in one's way to become successful in this business. Even if you are a first-class trader, it is certain that you will learn a lot from it.

    I am most grateful to Bryce for sharing his knowledge with us.

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